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Kinky Krates Exclusives:

Kinky Krates Lavender Massage Lotion
Made exclusively for S3 and Kinky Krates, this lavender massage lotion is formulated for relaxation.
$6.95 - Sale: $11.95
(Originally $14.00)
Kinky Krates Body Wash and Lotion Set
Save when you purchase the Kinky Krates Lavender Body Wash and Massage Lotion set. Perfect for travel!
Sale: $11.95
(Originally $14.00)
Kinky Krates Travel Kit
Perfect for all travel, this kit includes body wash, massage lotion, silicone-lubricant and a SPF 15 lip balm. Sold in a clear, airline friendly travel bag.


SALE! Blush Cici
The curved shape and slightly larger head are designed with g-spot and p-spot pleasure in mind!
Sale: $20.00
(Originally $25.00)
SALE! Sliquid Organics Gel
An ultra thick WATER-BASED organic lubricant, botanically infused with natural ingredients. Designed to stay where it is put for maximum comfort.
Sale: $12.00
(Originally $15.00)Sale: $16.00
(Originally $20.00)
SALE! Prelude
A penile exercise device designed to improve circulation and maintain tissue flexibility.
Sale: $50.00
(Originally $70.00)

adult toys:

SALE! Ram Ultra Cocksweller Cockring
A set of three ribbed silicone cockrings.
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)
SALE! Vibrating Corsette Harness
Adjustable strap-on with bullet vibrator, three interchangeable O-rings, and corsette style lace up back.
Sale: $60.00
(Originally $70.00)
SALE! Scandal Thong Harness
A lightweight, adjustable harness that can also easily accomodate a double-ended dildo.
Sale: $25.00
(Originally $30.00)

lube & massage:

SALE! Pjur Bodyglide
A German import, Pjur Bodyglide is SILICONE-BASED and safe with all condoms. Our most popular option for anal use.
Sale: $10.00
(Originally $12.00)Sale: $45.00
(Originally $50.00)
System Jo Cranberry Glide
All-in-One! Cranberry Massage Glide is a great choice for as an alternative to using oils for massage. The JO Cranberry is safe to use all over the body and safe with condoms. Scented, but no taste!
$10.00 - $27.00
SALE! Crazy Girl Body Mist
A tantalizing body mist containing pheromones!
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)


LifeStyles Skyn
A NON-LATEX condom made from polyisoprene! Proven pregnancy and STD/STI prevention in a soft, sensitive and stretchy material. Comes in standard and large sizes.
$1.00 - $38.00
Condom Styles
Condoms come in essentially 4 different style options. Each style is designed for specific pleasure points and varies between brands. S3 has the breakdown to help you choose the right kind.
One Super Sensitive
A sheer condom offering the same strength as a normal condom. Packaged in a reuseable metal tin.
$5.00 - $15.00


Toy Care & Cleaning
Many toys reach an untimely ending due to improper care, cleaning and storage. Protect your investment by following a few of these recommended tips.
With or Without Spermicide?
In 2000, the CDC released a study suggesting that the use of spermicides can irritate the skin, making portals for diseases and infections to enter. Many companies have stopped manufacturing their products with spermicides.
The Safety of Silicone Lubricant
Customers often inquire about the safety of silicone-based lubricants. We found the following article, which had a great explaination...

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