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Sexual Health Resources - National
S3 has compiled a listing of STD/STI, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy testing sites and resources available across the country. Find a location near you...
Back Door Basics for Men and Women
Many people are interested in trying anal sex, but may be too embarrassed or shy to try. If you are thinking about the "back door", we have a few points of information that may help get you started.
FAQ About Penis Pumps
We get a lot of questions about penis pumps. We’re going to break it down for you in this quick article.


Gaff Undergarment
Comfortably holds male genitalia for a smooth, flat look!
Vaginal Dilators
Many women have been referred to us to a purchase a vaginal dilator due to conditions that cause pain and/or discomfort. For this reason, we've put together a comprehensive article about what they are and how to use them.
Dr. Laura Berman Basics Dilator Set
Vibrating dilator set comes with FOUR different sizes! Also includes a studded sleeve.


Palm Tec Masturbator
A clear, highly textured, extremely stretchy masturbators are sure to provide tons of pleasure!
Sale: $15.00
(Originally $25.00)
Valkyrie Panty Harnesses
These harnesses look and feel like lingerie! Wear them under your clothes, so when foreplay begins, you are prepared!
Sale: $50.00
(Originally $80.00)
Party Ribbon
With these colorful "award" pins for birthdays and bachelorettes, you're sure to be the most fabulous person at the party!
Sale: $2.00
(Originally $3.00)


Trojan Non-Lubricated
A perfect blank slate for adding your own, specialty lube or for those who prefer a dry condom.
$3.00 - $8.00
LifeStyles THRYLL
LifeStyles' studded condom with texture in all the right places!
FC2 Female Condom
NON-LATEX Alternative; Made from synthetic nitrile and is the first and only available condom to women.
$2.50 - $8.00

lube & massage:

Natural lubricant...Let's talk.
The use of the word "natural" and/or "organic" is trendy in the labeling and marketing of products. These words don't make a product better. Read further to learn more.
ID Millennium
Our #1 selling silicone lubricant! SILICONE-BASED, feels like an oil, but is safe with all latex. Great for that after-sun glow!
$17.00 - $70.00
Comfortably Numb Throat Spray
Throat desensitizing spray is designed to inhibit gag reflexes, and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Available in two flavors: Cinnamon and Mint!

adult toys:

Wet for Her No. 5
A high-quality non-phallic dildo that is compatible with most harnesses!
Fetish Fantasy Mini Luv Plug
This aluminum anal plug features a beautiful crystal at the base! Perfect for beginners.
Nobu Hiro
This dual stimulator is responsive to environmental sounds and music, making it interactive and stimulating!


Satin Masks
Remove sight and increase the other senses by using an eye mask. Surprise you partner while they're in the dark.
Bride-to-Be Flashing Sash
Make the Bride stand out with this flashing sash. Perfect for a night out on the town!
Metal Cuffs w/ Lock and Key
Playful metal cuffs to limit your lovers mobility so you can tickle and tease.

shop by $$:

WeVibe II Plus
A new and improved version of the famous couple's vibrator!
RodeoH Button Fly Boxer
Stylish, comfortable harness that is perfect for those who like packing all day!
We-Vibe Tango
Rechargeable and completely submersible in water! This lipstick-sized clitoral stimulator has 8 different functions, and is extremely easy to use!

about S3:

S.H.A.R.E. scheduling & contract
Ready to schedule a S.H.A.R.E. seminar? Click here to get started and to download the contract in PDF format.
Billy's Top Five S3 Products
Billy shares his 5 favorite products sold at S3!
the S3 story
Throughout many years of business, S3 Safe Sex Store is an Ann Arbor must see store. Learn about how it all began in 1995!

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