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Kinky Krates Exclusives:

Kinky Krates Lavender Massage Lotion
Made exclusively for S3 and Kinky Krates, this lavender massage lotion is formulated for relaxation.
$6.95 - Sale: $11.95
(Originally $14.00)
Kinky Krates Lavender Body Wash
An organic, lightly scented lavendar body wash.
$6.95 - Sale: $11.95
(Originally $14.00)
Kinky Krate Pina Colada SPF 15 Lip Balm
Exclusive SPF 15 lip balm made with organic ingredients. Summer Pina Colada flavor!


SALE! Candy G-Strings
Candy g-strings are sweet and sexy! Nibble these tasty treats off your lover! Styles for him and her!
Sale: $5.00
(Originally $10.00)
SALE! Pearl Shine
Offers a firm, yet flexible feel with a slight curve. Waterproof, two sizes and variable speed.
Sale: $18.00
(Originally $20.00)Sale: $27.00
(Originally $30.00)
SALE! RodeoH Navy Brief
Soft comfortable harness brief.
Sale: $40.00
(Originally $50.00)

adult toys:

SALE! Blush GoGo Play Ring
A reusable vibrating ring to tickle and tease you both!
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)
SALE! Clone-A-Willy
Do-it-yourself vibrating dildo kit! Includes everything you'll need to make an exact vibrating, rubber copy of yourself in your own home!
Sale: $45.00
(Originally $50.00)
SALE! Prelude
A penile exercise device designed to improve circulation and maintain tissue flexibility.
Sale: $50.00
(Originally $70.00)

lube & massage:

SALE! Fleshlube
A Fleshlight-compatible water-based lubricant. Available in three styles.
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)
SALE! Astroglide Free
A WATER-BASED lubrication now available in a GLYCERIN & PARABEN FREE formula. Safe with all condoms.
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)
System Jo Citrus Glide
All-in-One! Citrus Massage Glide is a great choice for as an alternative to using oils for massage. The JO Citrus is safe to use all over the body and safe with condoms. Scented, but no taste!
$10.00 - $27.00


Trojan Supra
NON-LATEX; A polyurethane condom designed for people with latex allergies. We highly recommended using additional lubricant.
$6.00 - $11.00
LifeStyles THRYLL
LifeStyles' studded condom with texture in all the right places!
Lifestyles Skyn Intense Feel
The first ever textured non-latex condom!
$4.00 - $24.00


Slippery Scale of Lubes
Lubrication is not always a question of need, but an issue of making intimacy more comfortable and enjoyable. Use this chart to determine which style is best for you.
S3 is in the Michigan Daily!
Read this in-depth article about S3 that was published in the Michigan Daily, February 2014
Lubricants Explained
Selecting a lubricant can be confusing. This article explains the differences offered according to ingredients used in manfacturing and how these ingredients may impact sexual health.

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