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Kinky Krates Exclusives:

Kinky Krates Travel Kit
Perfect for all travel, this kit includes body wash, massage lotion, silicone-lubricant and a SPF 15 lip balm. Sold in a clear, airline friendly travel bag.
Kinky Krates Lavender Body Wash
An organic, lightly scented lavendar body wash.
$6.95 - Sale: $11.95
(Originally $14.00)
Kinky Krate Pina Colada SPF 15 Lip Balm
Exclusive SPF 15 lip balm made with organic ingredients. Summer Pina Colada flavor!


SALE! Letter to Penthouse: True Confessions
A compliation of erotica stories to get you going!
Sale: $5.00
(Originally $8.00)
SALE! Clone-A-Willy
Do-it-yourself vibrating dildo kit! Includes everything you'll need to make an exact vibrating, rubber copy of yourself in your own home!
Sale: $45.00
(Originally $50.00)
SALE! Fetish Fantasy Crotchless Harness
A comfortable harness that has a sexy crotchless opening for easy access!

adult toys:

SALE! The Pegger Harness
This plush-lined harness with thigh straps and a curved dildo is your all-in-one set for pegging pleasure!
Sale: $30.00
(Originally $35.00)
SALE! Anal Fantasy Mini Plug
A perfect beginner's anal plug!
Sale: $10.00
(Originally $15.00)
SALE! My 1st Anal Explorer Kit
A remote-controlled, vibrating butt plug and wand set with 10 different settings!
Sale: $20.00
(Originally $25.00)

lube & massage:

ID Backslide
A thick anal lubricant designed to maximize comfort during anal play.
$15.00 - $40.00
System Jo Lavender Glide
All-in-One! Lavender Massage Glide is a great choice for as an alternative to using oils for massage. The JO Lavender is safe to use all over the body and safe with condoms. Scented, but no taste!
$10.00 - $27.00
SALE! On for Her - Arousal Oil
Oil based arousal enhancement designed especially for women.
Sale: $12.00
(Originally $16.00)Sale: $12.00
(Originally $16.00)


STAFF PICKS - Textured Condoms
Can't decide? Check out Team S3's favorites!
Trojan Pleasure Pack
Special shapes, textures and lubes! Includes Twisted, Sensations, Intense and Warming
$4.00 - $30.00
Trojan Her Pleasure
Top seller from Trojan, these condoms are designed with the women's interest in mind...texture at the base!
$4.00 - $12.00


Pregnancy & Contraception Q&A
Get peace of mind by selecting a birth control method that fits your lifestyle. Know the pros and cons of everything from condoms to hormones and even emergency contraception (EC)...
The Safety of Silicone Lubricant
Customers often inquire about the safety of silicone-based lubricants. We found the following article, which had a great explaination...
Is Your Product Warranty Valid?
Product manufacturers are only honoring warranties from authorized sellers like S3 - make sure your warranty will be honored!

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