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With or Without Spermicide?
In 2000, the CDC released a study suggesting that the use of spermicides can irritate the skin, making portals for diseases and infections to enter. Many companies have stopped manufacturing their products with spermicides.
Condom Materials Explained
This article explains the pros and cons of the materials used in the manufacturing of condoms.
Back Door Basics for Men and Women
Many people are interested in trying anal sex, but may be too embarrassed or shy to try. If you are thinking about the "back door", we have a few points of information that may help get you started.


Sinclair Institute Silicone Anal Explorers
A set of three progressively sized silicone probes ideal for vaginal dilation or anal stimulation.
The Rhythms of Women's Desire
A book that explores how female sexuality unfolds at every stage of life.
Magic Banana
An innovative, flexible toy for Kegel exercise and self-exploration.


Tomboi Partner Pack with Wet for Her Toy
Spareparts Tomboi Harness with Wet for Her Toy FIVE silicone dildo. Hypoallergenic toy; machine washable harness.
Sale: $60.00
(Originally $130.00)
Fetish Fantasy Carpet Beater
This beautiful impact toy is sure to hurt so good!
Sale: $5.00
(Originally $20.00)
Casino Boudoir Game Set
Enjoy the excitement of the casino with a twist with this set that includes 4 sexy casino themed games perfect for a night in!
Sale: $15.00
(Originally $30.00)


Trojan Thintensity
A thin, longer and larger condom at the tip. Silicone-based lube.
Kimono MicroThin
Kimono MicroThin is a thin, snugger fitting latex condom with a straight-sided shape.
$4.00 - $25.00
Trojan Magnum Gold Collection
The Magnum Gold Collection includes 3 of each of the four following styles: original, thin, fire & ice, and ecstasy.

lube & massage:

Crazy Girl Body Mist
A tantalizing body mist containing pheromones!
Divine 9
A great lube which may help block HPV infections!
$20.00 - $28.00
Comfortably Numb Throat Spray
Throat desensitizing spray is designed to inhibit gag reflexes, and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Available in two flavors: Cinnamon and Mint!

adult toys:

Pack It Heavy
A dildo that has a realistic look and feel for comfortable all-day packing.
Anal Fantasy Vibrating Plug
Perfect for exploring anal play! Great for all day wear!
Palm Power Massager Heads
Removable massager heads for the intense Palm Power!
$20.00 - $25.00


Naughty Cake Pans
A culinary delight! Make a fun and tasty treat for your party shaped like a penis or boobs. Perfect for baking cake.
$10.00 - $15.00
Satin Masks
Remove sight and increase the other senses by using an eye mask. Surprise you partner while they're in the dark.
Bachelorette Bar Challenge
The perfect bachelorette game to take to the bars! Ideal game for bachelorette parties that will take place at the bars or clubs!

shop by $$:

Chargers for Lelo products
Replacement chargers for your favorite toys!
Sex Smarts
The provocative question and answer trivia game that makes exploring sex easy and fun!
Sale: $5.00
(Originally $15.00)
Pecker Ice Cube Tray
Who knew ice could be so hot! Penis shaped ice trays for your next party. FYI: These trays can also be used to make Jell-O shots!

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