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Summary Chart - HIV / AIDS and Hep B
This chart is designed to be a guide for people, regardless of sexual orientation, to determine the risks, symptoms and treatments of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B.
S3 is in the Michigan Daily!
Read this in-depth article about S3 that was published in the Michigan Daily, February 2014
With or Without Spermicide?
In 2000, the CDC released a study suggesting that the use of spermicides can irritate the skin, making portals for diseases and infections to enter. Many companies have stopped manufacturing their products with spermicides.


Vaginal Dilators
Many women have been referred to us to a purchase a vaginal dilator due to conditions that cause pain and/or discomfort. For this reason, we've put together a comprehensive article about what they are and how to use them.
Sailor 2 Softskin Packers
High-quality packers with a realistic look and feel! Available in multiple skin tones.
Velvet Touch
Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibes have a unique exterior...firm yet feels like velvet. Waterproof!


Swiss Navy Grease
This water-based lubricant CONTAINS OIL and is thus recommended by S3 for male masturbation only. This product should NEVER be used with condoms as oil can break condoms down.
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)Sale: $20.00
(Originally $28.00)
Lelo Insignia Alia
This high-quality, powerful clitoral vibrator is rechargeable and completely submersible in water!
Sale: $89.99
(Originally $119.00)
Infinit Vibrator
The most customizable vibe ever - 3 adjustable arms for unlimited possibilies!
Sale: $109.99
(Originally $200.00)


Beyond Seven
Made of Sheerlon latex, Sheerlon is Beyond Seven's process of producing a thinner, stronger and silky texture of condom.
$4.00 - $10.00
Kimono MicroThin
Kimono MicroThin is a thin, snugger fitting latex condom with a straight-sided shape.
$4.00 - $25.00
Lifestyles Skyn Variety Pack
This NON-LATEX variety pack includes Skyn Large, Skyn Original, and Skyn Extra Lubricated.

lube & massage:

ID Glide
A WATER-BASED with glycerin lubricant that is long-lasting.
$10.00 - $32.00
Booty Parlor Dust Up Body Shimmer
Sparkle and shine with this kissable body shimmer! Comes in 3 great shades and flavors!
Massage Seductions
24 ways to seduce your lover with tender and tantalizing massage techniques!

adult toys:

Lelo Insignia Alia
This high-quality, powerful clitoral vibrator is rechargeable and completely submersible in water!
Sale: $89.99
(Originally $119.00)
Nobu Mika
A sound responsive, rechargeable vibe!
Lelo Insignia Lyla 2
Egg-shaped vibrator that can be used externally AND internally! Wireless remote control! Waterproof and rechargeable.


Deliciously flavored oral sex cream! Available in Strawberry flavor and Raspberry flavor.
Bachelorette Bar Challenge
The perfect bachelorette game to take to the bars! Ideal game for bachelorette parties that will take place at the bars or clubs!
Sparkling Glitter Tiara
The perfect tiara to celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party!

shop by $$:

Mantric Sysil Edge
An adjustable position dildo for the benefits of mutual penetration, without the hassle of a harness.
Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel
A gently numbing gel that heightens and prolongs sensual pleasure. Cool minty flavor! NOT safe with latex.
Crazy 8 Cockring
This cockring is in the shape of an 8 for enhancing extended pleasure as the base of the penis, while also providing scrotum support. Multiple uses!

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S.H.A.R.E. Seminars
S.H.A.R.E. (Sexual Health and Responsible Education) brings awareness to all people regardless of age, race, religion, economic standing, or sexual orientation regarding sexual health issues.

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