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SALE! Candy G-Strings
Candy g-strings are sweet and sexy! Nibble these tasty treats off your lover! Styles for him and her!
Sale: $5.00
(Originally $10.00)
SALE! ID Glide
A WATER-BASED with glycerin lubricant that is long-lasting.
Sale: $8.00
(Originally $10.00)Sale: $26.00
(Originally $32.00)
SALE! Crazy Girl Diva Dust
Be irresistable with this body shimmer which includes pheromones!

Kinky Krates Exclusives:

Kinky Krate Pina Colada SPF 15 Lip Balm
Exclusive SPF 15 lip balm made with organic ingredients. Summer Pina Colada flavor!
Sale: $2.00
(Originally $3.00)
Kinky Krate Date Night Kit
Perfect for a stay-kay date night in your cozy home. Keep the TV off and play the kinky games included in this Kinky Krate. A S3 Exclusive!
Sale: $50.00
(Originally $60.00)
Kinky Krates Party Pal
Bring the party and games with S3's exclusive Party Pal.
Sale: $20.00
(Originally $25.00)

adult toys:

Besides surgery (phalloplasty), pumps are the only scientifically proven method of increasing penis size by allowing more blood to fill the erectile tissue. Read more...
SALE! Dominant Submissive Collection Silicone Butt Plugs
A set of two unisex silicone butt plugs.
Sale: $20.00
(Originally $25.00)
SALE! The Pegger Harness
This plush-lined harness with thigh straps and a curved dildo is your all-in-one set for pegging pleasure!
Sale: $30.00
(Originally $35.00)

lube & massage:

SALE! Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel
A gently numbing gel that heightens and prolongs sensual pleasure. Cool minty flavor! NOT safe with latex.
Sale: $12.00
(Originally $15.00)
Kama Sutra Sexy Sampler
A 5 bottle collection of different Kama Sutra products to inspire romance!
Wicked Aqua Flavored Lubricant
Check out these delicious, new flavored lubricants to spice up your bedroom activities.


LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive
A thin and flared condom that feels almost like using nothing at all.
$4.00 - $23.00
Lifestyles Skyn Variety Pack
This NON-LATEX variety pack includes Skyn Large, Skyn Original, and Skyn Extra Lubricated.
Using the Female Condom
The best way to ensure the female condom (FC2) will give you the maximum protection starts before you ever open the package. Follow these simple tips to help ensure you are using it right!


S3 promotes HIV testing and awareness!
A 2014 article in about S3's commitment to promoting HIV awareness and testing!
Sexual Health Resources - Local (Ann Arbor Area)
Get the help that you need...STD/STI, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy testing sites and resources around the Ann Arbor area. Many provide free or low-cost doctor visits, consultations and supplies.
The Pros and Cons of Lubrication
View a listing of the four major types of lubricants and what's good and not-so-good about each.

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