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FC2 Female Condom

FC2 Female Condom

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FC2 Female CondomFC2 Female CondomFC2 Female Condom

The first and only available condom to women, the FC2 is made from synthetic nitrile and safe with silicone, water, and oil-based lubrications.

Unique in design, the FC2 has a flexible polyurethane ring at the closed end of the pouch (the end that is inserted into the vagina) and a soft nitrile ring at the open end of the pouch (the end that remains outside of the vagina.) The FC2 protects the inner walls, cervix, and the labia of the vagina and can be inserted up to 8 hours prior to use allowing for sexual spontaneity.

During use, be careful to penetrate inside the outter ring and not on the outside. Penetration on the outside of the ring provides false sense of protection and could result in pregnancy and/or disease infection.

Individual Female Condom
Female Condom 3 pack


Some customers have said that the condom is "loud". Others have used it without the inner ring by holding on the penis and inserting that way. It is a good option for men needing extra girth with condoms.


  • Material:
    Synthetic nitrile
  • Cautions:
    One-time use only; upon penetration, make sure you are inserting the penis inside the condom
  • Lubrication:
    Silicone based (inside)
  • Thickness:
    .05 mm
  • Size:
    Large, loose-fitting
  • Length:
    17 cm or 6.5"
  • Girth:
    79 mm
  • Recommended:
    An S3 Staff Pick!

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Using the Female Condom
Using the Female Condom
The best way to ensure the female condom (FC2) will give you the maximum protection starts before you ever open the package. Follow these simple tips to help ensure you are using it right!
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