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about the owner

about the owner

BethAnn Karmeisool, MPH is the founder of S3 Safe Sex Store which opened in 1995. Ms. Karmeisool has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, is a certified sexual health educator and a state of Michigan certified HIV counselor. She encourages holistic sexual health through correct and consistent education and was inspired to open the business after volunteering for children living with HIV.

BethAnn is available for hire for sexual health seminars through her not-for-profit division of S3, SHARE (Sexual Health and Responsible Education). Seminars can be tailored to the needs of the organization or individuals.

Her counseling services use a warm, but matter-of-fact approach to information allowing individuals to feel comfortable and free from judgment while discussing even the most intimate issues.

Ms. Karmeisool's allegiance lies with her customers, not the manufactures of the products she sells. All recommended products have been extensively researched and selected due to their quality, safety, affordability and reflect customer feedback and expressed needs.

BethAnn has always maintained education as her first objective. Her company supports local and national agencies through monetary, product, and time donations.


I wanted to reach out and thank the woman who helped me with finding a better large condom for myself and my love. I never caught her name, and that's a shame...but I really hope her dog is healing up nice, and business is doing well, if not excellent. :) The condoms were amazing! Improved my sex life, not to mention the amazing lubricant to go with it! I appreciated the courtesy of being firm and friendly and making sure I was informed and educated on silicone lube, condom size, variety and choice. I will for SURE be a loyal customer and continue coming back for unparalleled service. Thank you!

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