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SALE! Clone-A-Willy

SALE! Clone-A-Willy


Do-it-yourself vibrating dildo kit! Includes everything you'll need to make an exact vibrating, rubber copy of yourself in your own home.

We suggest using a cock-ring to maintain the erection for the mold-making process.

BE CAREFUL to fully read the instructions prior to attempting.  The mixture used to create the mold sets in 2 minutes.  If you mess up, you can purchase the molding mixture independently from the company.

Don't destroy the package when opening. You use the outer tubular case for the mold.

Kit contains:
Molding powder
Liquid rubber
Patented "Liquid Skin"
Stir stick
Vibrating unit
Molding tube
Easy to follow directions

S3 Suggestions:

  • S3 suggests wearing a condom while molding the penis. This can prevent excess molding from remaining on the penis after removal.
  • S3 also suggests wearing a cock-ring with the condom, in order to help secure the condom on the penis during molding. As mentioned earlier, a cock-ring can also help maintain an erection for the molding process.

How to use:
Hold the vibrator on the area of the body to receive the stimulation. Vary pressure to create different sensations of intensity.

If using on the penis, run the vibrator up and down along the shaft.

If using on the testicles, hold the vibrator loosely in your hand and tickle and tease the testicles. You can massage them in your hand and offer a slight tug. Remember to communicate with your partner about what feels pleasurable to them by asking.

If used vaginally, insert and angle tip toward front of pelvis to put pressure on the G-spot region. Move side to side for varied sensation.

Also use as an all over body massager. Place inside of a massage glove or hold in your hand.

Use to tickle and tease the nipples.

Remember the giggle factor! There is a learning curve when using any adult item. The first time you're using a new product, you're thinking about how to use it and adjusting angles, speed variations, and positions so you may not be in a relaxed state to achieve your desired effect.

Clone-A-Willy Kit


  • Material:
    Rubber; non-latex
  • Cautions:
    Use only as directed
  • Size:
    11" X 2.5" diameter package; makes a replica of most any size or shape
  • Waterproof:
  • Speed:
  • Noise Level:
  • Batteries:
    1 AA (not included)
  • Bonuses:
    Includes 800 number to re-order supplies
  • Made in the USA

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