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Using a Male Condom

Using a Male Condom

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Using a Male CondomUsing a Male CondomUsing a Male CondomUsing a Male Condom

The best way to prevent a condom from breaking starts before you ever open the package. Follow these simple tips to help ensure you are being protected!

Remember, if you have never used a condom before, practice first! Put it on by yourself (ladies, use a vibrator or banana) to make sure you know the drill before you are in the heat of the moment.

Before foreplay…

  • Wash your hands. You may have residual oils from hand cream or massage lotions that can get on the condom and start to break down the latex.
  • Check the expiration date. Never use a condom that is expired. Expiration dates are found on the cardboard package and also on the foil wrapper of each individual condom.
  • Make sure the foil wrapper has not been opened. If it looks extremely flat and smashed, don't use it.
  • If you feel good about the condom you chose, leave it un-opened in a handy, easy-to-reach location, like on the night table.

When to put it on…

  • Put the condom on at the time the penis is erect (hard) before it comes in contact with other skin. This will reduce your risk of spreading disease and will keep pre-cum from causing pregnancy.
  • Use the condom during oral sex. You can still spread/contract sexually transmitted diseases and infections through your mouth.

How to put it on…

  • Carefully open the foil wrap. Start to tear the foil on the edge that has a zig-zag cut. Usually, the wrapper indicates the best spot to tear. Make sure you are only tearing the foil and NOT the condom! Never use your teeth, scissors, etc. to open a condom.
  • Pull the condom out and take a good look. Make sure there are no obvious rips or tears. If the condom feels sticky and gummy, don't use it.
  • Check which side is up. Place your thumbs in the center of the condom and try to unroll it. If you can't, flip it over and try again. You want the rolled edge to be facing out.
  • Put the condom on the penis. Hold the condom, right-side-up, so that you are pinching about an inch of latex and unroll it all the way to the base of the penis. The extra room at the tip of the condom makes room for the ejaculate (cum).
  • Use extra lubricant. Add water-based or silicone-based lube to the outside of the condom after it is already on. This helps to reduce friction and takes more stress off the condom. Don't apply lube to the shaft of the penis before the condom is on! This could cause the condom the slip off. Never use an oil product with condoms, including Crisco and Vaseline.

During and after…

  • During intercourse, occasionally check to make sure you can still feel the condom at the base of the penis.
  • If it slips off, get a new one. If it breaks, get a new one. If you are ready for round #2, get a new one. Never re-use a condom or try to put it on after it has been unrolled.
  • When pulling out, hold the base of the condom to make sure it stays in place.
  • Take it off by grasping the opening of the condom at the base of the penis and slowly sliding it off. Wrap the used condom in a tissue and throw it in the garbage. Never flush a condom down the toilet.


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