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Lubrication is important for safe anal sex. S3 recommends a thicker silicone for anal play.  Remember to use an ample amount.

Hey Guys...

Did you know that there are toys that are specifically designed for MALE g-spot stimulation?

Reaching the prostate gland (the male g-spot) can be difficult with traditional wands and plugs.

Pioneered by Aneros, new designs are engineered to reach the prostate while massaging the perineum (the area of skin between the scrotum and anus).


Plugs are a great toy for beginners because of their thin size and varied length. They can also be used to relax the muscles prior to anal penetration.


Beads are a great choice because they offer a sensation of expansion and contraction. Rapid removal will increase the intensity of a man's orgasm.


Wands create a feeling of smooth pressure with penetration. Offered in a variety of materials including glass.  Glass can be warmed in a mircowave or chilled in the freezer.

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S3's recommendation for lubrication and top seller, silicone-based lubricants are safe with all latex and can be used for massage in place of oils. Also recommended by dermatologists for all over body use to treat dry skin.
anal beads, plugs & wands
anal beads, plugs & wands
Try something new with vibrating or non-vibrating anal wands and beads for him or her. A perfect alternative to vibrators for women who prefer a slender fit.

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