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The In & Out Guide to Quickies

While this guide may take longer to read than the time it takes to actually have a quickie, in the long run itíll be worth it. Quickies are great for those times when youíre hot and bothered, but really just donít have the time Ė right before the guests show up to the party youíre hosting, before your meeting, or as youíre driving past your partnerís house on the way home from the grocery store and really donít want the ice cream to melt. Read on for tips, tricks, and time limits.


1. Under 15 minutes

A quickie should be just that Ė quick! Taking longer than 15-minutes moves you out of quickie territory and into someone just rang the doorbell and neither of us is wearing pants territory. While this may seem easy to some and impossible to others, it remains a matter of both partners feeling satisfied when all is said and done. From start to finish, 15 minutes Ė keep it snappy.


2. Foreplay

Believe it or not, this is included in your 15-minute window. Make it count! You know what your partner likes, so use those moves to get them riled up and ready to go. Be it with your mouth, hands, a toy, or some combination, hit your partnerís sweet spots and help them get ready to go.


3. Lube

Even with foreplay, adding lubricant can make things work more smoothly and comfortably. Adding lubricant does not mean that you arenít aroused or that your partner isnít doing a good job. Something else to try would be a stimulating lubricant like Durex Play Tingling or Jo Warming. A stimulating lubricant can heighten sensation and pleasure.


4. Condoms

Yes, of course, we still encourage condom use. Take the four seconds to go to the bedroom and get the condom and put it on, even if youíre using the kitchen counter! This is also a great time to try a textured or shaped condom like Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed, One Pleasure Plus, or Trojan Ecstasy that all increase sensation for both partners.


5. Position

Like foreplay, you know what makes your partner tick. Whether itís missionary, cowgirl, doggy, sideways Ė you know the go-to position to send them over the edge. Use it to your advantage to drive them crazy. Instead of your last resort, try it first! You have at most 15 minutes, so just go for it. Thatís not to say that changing positions is out of the question; simply use your top picks instead of those that, while enjoyable, are not the ones that send you into outer space.


6. Orgasm

While this should be an occurrence in any sexual encounter, we want to make it clear that even in a quickie, everyone involved should have their moment (or two, or three!) in the sun. As stated earlier, you know what sends your partner over the edge. Use that! A quickie is a great use for 15 minutes of mutual free time, especially when it results in mutual satisfaction.

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