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For Men: Making Sex Last

I have had a number of questions from men pertaining to making sex last without ejaculating too soon. First of all, I must congratulate all of you on being sensitive to the needs and interests of your partners.  You aren't selfish pigs only aiming to get off, as some women's magazines indicate. OK, so here it is…the information you all have been waiting for!

There are many products designed aid in preventing premature ejaculation during intercourse:  cock rings, desensitizing ointments and my favorite - Pleasure Balm.

Cock rings come in a variety of styles and colors. Some cock rings are made from Velcro, rubber, leather, metal and silicon.  If you choose to use the Velcro variety, go to your local fabric store, buy a piece off the roll, and use that.  It will be a lot cheaper! Although, I don't recommend the Velcro…It's easy to remove but not easy to clean. Bacteria can get trapped in the material, which is the same problem with leather.

Some other varieties come in a solid, circle shape with no tension release.  The rubber and silicon will give a little, but the metal will not.  This could become a huge problem if the penis swells around the ring with no way of releasing the pressure.  I have heard stories from emergency rooms where cock rings have to be cut off.  I don't believe you would want this to happen, so I don't recommend them.

I recommend cock rings that are stretchy or have a tension release device.  These rings are mostly made of a soft rubber or plastic and allow immediate release of the pressure.  The devices vary in style.  Get one where the release is under the penis.  This seems to work best for both partners.  Some offer dual release buttons on the top and button.  Extra safe!

Now what is the point?  A cock ring extends and erection by creating pressure at the base of the penis, keeping blood from flowing back into the body and keeping seminal fluid from coming out. You can also use the cock ring to assist in keeping a condom in place during and after sex, allowing longer penetration.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked if prolonging creams, sprays, and gels work.  I'd be rich!  Yes, they really work by slightly numbing the penis. The numbing doesn't hurt or numb to the point that you can't feel anything, it just decreases your sensitivity for a short time.  The time factor varies from individual to individual and the amount used.  The more you apply, the longer the effect. These are available in liquids, creams, sprays and gels depending on your preference. Most are safe with condoms. All numb with the active ingredient benzocain, which is a topical anesthetic similar to what a dentist would use to numb your mouth.

For the ultimate in prolonging gels, I highly recommend Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm, Desensitizing Gel.  The balm is amazing and difficult to describe in words. Pleasure Balm is the only edible prolonging gel that can be enjoyed by both sexes…see my point? I suggest secretly applying a generous amount to the lips (on the mouth) and kissing your partner. The balm will feel cool and minty at first, but will warm with a little friction. Don't be shy; put some on your tongue! You can also use the balm on the nipples. You'll experience something like no other.

Now as a warning, if you use condoms, let the balm cool off before putting the condom on.  The warmth from the gel will get trapped between the latex and the skin with no room for air.  Not good and it can burn the skin.  So be careful…I'm talking from experience!

If you aren't comfortable using toys or ointments, you can try a number of methods before and during intercourse. First, you can apply pressure to the base of the penis next to the body when you feel the need to explode.  The pressure helps to prolong by cutting off the blood and fluid.  However, you must do this in a timely manner or it won't work!

You can also try withdrawing to cool off or ask your partner to refrain from the activity making you sensitive.  There's nothing wrong with communicating during sex.  The better you share what you want, the more satisfied you'll both be.

If you find yourself over stimulated and ejaculate the instant of penetration, masturbate prior to intercourse.  You will relieve the intense excitement and less blood will be present causing less pressure.  You can masturbate alone, with your partner, or ejaculate by oral sex.  Your intimate foreplay will last longer, as will sex.

In closing, guys, you aren't alone!  Try some (or all) of these methods and have fun in the process.  Success will be yours and your partner will shriek with pleasure.  Have fun!

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Cockrings are worn at the base of the penis to help men maintain an erection and control ejaculation. Stimulating and vibrating styles add hands-free fun for couples!

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