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The Safety of Silicone Lubricant

A customer came into the store today inquiring about the safety of silicone-based lubricants. He said that a book claimed that silicone-based lubes are unsafe. We found the following article, which had a great explaination...

got lube?™ (part 2)
by Metis Black
Good Vibes Magazine 09/14/05

"Dimethicone, dimethiconal and cyclomenthicone are silicone liquids-combined together they become silicone lubricant. The primary difference between these three ingredients and all the water-based chemicals (such as glycerin, parabens, propylene glycol, sorbitol, etc.) is that all the silicone is basically inert. There are no topical body reactions to pure silicone lube. There are no irritations, no allergens and no microbes that can attach to the molecules and grow bacteria.

How can silicone be so safe when leaking silicone breast implants can be fatal? ...Theoretically, silicone breast implants should be safe because the silicone encapsulated in the breast form is inert, right? Even when leaking they shouldn't interfere with any chemistry. Here's what no one counted on… this loose silicone in your blood system, while inert, is still a foreign body. It isn't absorbed into your blood like saline. Your white blood cells recognize the silicone and try to fight this invader. If the silicone adheres to a bone; your white blood cells attack the bone. Silicone lube never hits your bloodstream. It's in your digestive tract and protected by skin no matter which orifice you put it in-even if you swallow a little.

The medical world uses the ingredients in silicone lube everyday. Silicone is used to coat hypodermic needles so that the needle slides easier into the skin, with less stress on the patient. Fertility clinics use silicone lube throughout the insemination process because it doesn't interfere with the sperm or the eggs and the uterus' health."

Metis Black ©2005
Metis Black is a writer, sex educator and owner of Tantus Silicone.

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