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item imageKinky Krates Travel Kit
Perfect for all travel, this kit includes body wash, massage lotion, silicone-lubricant and a SPF 15 lip balm. Sold in a clear, airline friendly travel bag.
item imageKinky Krates Lavender Massage Lotion
$7.00 - $14.00
Made exclusively for S3 and Kinky Krates, this lavender massage lotion is formulated for relaxation.
item imageKinky Krates Body Wash and Lotion Set
Save when you purchase the Kinky Krates Lavender Body Wash and Massage Lotion set. Perfect for travel!
item imageKinky Krates Lavender Body Wash
$7.00 - $14.00
An organic, lightly scented lavendar body wash.
item imageKinky Krate Pina Colada SPF 15 Lip Balm
Exclusive SPF 15 lip balm made with organic ingredients. Summer Pina Colada flavor!
item imageSALE! Pheromone Soy Massage Candle
Make your body irresistible with this sensual soy candle that melts into a massage oil! Perfect for couples or to relax any sore muscle! Available in FOUR scents!
item imageSALE! Nip Zip Ice Cube Balm
Use on the nipples or on the lips for a pleasurable cooling sensation!
item imageSALE! On for Her - Arousal Oil
$16.00 - $16.00
Oil based arousal enhancement designed especially for women.
item imageSALE! Mint Oral Sex Gel
Edible oral sex gel in mint flavor to spice things up.
item imageSALE! Crazy Girl Shave Creme
Made with the same formula as the infamous Coochy Shave Cream, this cream also contains pheromones for a truly irresistable shave!
item imageSALE! Crazy Girl Body Mist
A tantalizing body mist containing pheromones!
item imageSALE! Crazy Girl Body Lotion
Shimmer and shine with this moisturizing body lotion that also contains pheromones!
item imageSALE! Crazy Girl Diva Dust
Sale: $5.00
(Originally $10.00)
Be irresistable with this body shimmer which includes pheromones!
item imageSALE! Kama Sutra Massage Lotion
A silky smooth body lotion that can be used as a daily moisturizer or a luxurious massage product.
item imageSALE! Lifestyles Epic Peformance Enhancer
An easy-to-use desensitization spray designed to prolong male erections!
item imageSALE! Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel
A gently numbing gel that heightens and prolongs sensual pleasure. Cool minty flavor! NOT safe with latex.
item imageSALE! Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm
Our clients go crazy for the Pleasure Balms! A tingling, exhilarating gel for men and women to heighten sensual pleasure points. Available in two flavors.
item imageSALE! Coochy Shave Cream
A must have for bathing suit season, this rash-free shaving cream is a favorite with our staff and clients! For MEN and WOMEN.
item imageSALE! Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint
Sale: $10.00
(Originally $12.00)
Luxurious milk chocolate body paint in a glass jar, complete with a supple paintbrush. Treat yourself to a sweet feast for the senses! Available in a 2 flavors!
item imageKama Sutra Sexy Sampler
A 5 bottle collection of different Kama Sutra products to inspire romance!
item imageSceaming O Dynamo Delay
Higest concentration of lidocaine for use in a delay spray. FDA approved!
item imageSystem Jo Warming Glide
$10.00 - $27.00
This unique formula provides all the benefits of a warming massage lotion in a condom safe SILICONE lube. The perfect all-purpose product...never sticky!
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